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Deva Designed LLC, is an ecommerce seller specializing in the Amazon marketplace. We essentially act as the retailer for our partners in the Amazon channel. We are experts in that channel and we help our business partners increase their sales, market share and bottom line in an area where they may not have the expertise.

Our Company Helps Your Company to Grow Your Ecommerce Sales 
and Market Share
"We are always looking for new high quality brands and amazing products to carry. We would be thrilled to work with you as a retail partner to sell your product and use our many resources to boost your brand awareness."  Tammy McGee, Founder
Our Mission
To combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best value for consumers.

Our Values
-Passion For Quality
       -Products That People Love
       -Love of Life
       -Respect The Planet And Others
       -Have Fun  
       -And Make A Difference!
Our Amazon Storefront

To see what we currently have in stock and what brands we're currently carrying. Inventory changes on a daily basis as you might imagine. 

We Manage Your Amazon Presence And Grow Your Brand
We do Amazon best.  There are 100 million products in the Amazon marketplace. How visible is your brand?
We Help You Increase Your Ecommerce Sales 
Economies of scale are nice—but economies of expertise are even more valuable.
Increase Your Bottom Line
Our approach is designed to keep your sales growing and your costs down.
About Us
We Manage Your Amazon Presence So You Can Manage Your Business4
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